Fox Chapel Physical Therapy Partner Speaks at Dorseyville Middle School Career Day

On Friday, May 25, 2012, Fox Chapel Physical Therapy partner and therapist Greg Campbell, PT appeared as a featured presenter at Dorseyville Middle School's Career Day, speaing with 45 eighth grade students about what physical therapists do and how to prepare for a career in physical therapy.

Campbell holds a Bachelor of Physical Therapy from Ohio University and noted that physical therapy school admissions have become increasingly competitive over the years, as healthcare has expanded and physical therapists are in greater demand.

"I tell students who want to go to PT school that they'd better get very few Bs," Campbell said with a laugh. "So many students are applying now, and universities can be very selective."

Students have a broad range of career choices today, and Dorseyville Middle School counselor Mark Cooper noted that Campbell's presentation was well-recieved by those in attendance, as many students are interested in healthcare fields.

"Some of the students felt the information Greg shared was helpful in reinforcing their current interest in pursuing a possible career in physical therapy or some other medical field," Cooper said.

Physical therapy is a rapidly-growing and secure field, with more than 200 schools in the United States offering Doctor of Physical Therapy programs. In 2008, Time magazine listed physical therapist as the sixth most recession-proof job, and in 2010, CNN listed physical therapy as the fourth most satisfying career in the United States. Campbell has spent the past 23 years working as a physical therapy, and he certainly agrees.

"Being a physical therapist is both challenging and rewarding, because there's always something new, and you're always doing something different," he said. "You get to build relationships with patients, and help them move and feel better. At the end of the day, you can't ask for more than that."