Headaches and Dizziness

Headaches are the most common cause of absence from school and work, affecting approximately 90 percent of the population. Tension headaches, characterized by mild to moderate steady aching that spreads to both sides of the head, are the most common type. Migraine headaches can cause a variety of symptoms and require a medical diagnosis; some types of migraines respond well to physical therapy intervention, while other types require different avenues of treatment.

Therapy for headaches involves individualized treatment based on the source of the headaches, and may involve manual therapy, heat and cold therapy, therapeutic exercise programs to improve strength and flexibility in the neck or jaw, and recommendations for proper performance of office and household tasks and correct posture.

Dizziness is a broad term that may be used to describe a range of sensations, including lightheadedness, loss of balance, or vertigo. Many underlying health problems can cause dizziness, including inner ear disorders and neurological conditions.

Therapy for dizziness involves individualized treatment, depending on the needs of each patient, and may involve vestibular (inner ear) rehabilitation, and balance training.