Patient Satisfaction Report Card

Customer Service: A+

100% of patients reported that they were always treated courteously by our staff.

Quality of Treatment: A+

100% of patients were always satisfied with the quality of treatment they received from their physical therapist.

Wait Time: A

92% of patients waited less than four minutes to begin treatment.

Appointment Availability: A

92% of patients were always able to schedule follow-up appointments at their most desired times.

Overall Satisfaction: A+

100% of patients would choose Fox Chapel Physical Therapy again, and would recommend our practice to a friend or family member.

Many patients surveyed reported that they've come back to our practice time and again because of the high-quality treatment they receive.

Here's what some of our patients had to say in their surveys:

"The quality of treatment was excellent, from the first day to the last." -O'Hara Center clinic patient

"One-of-a-kind practice." -RIDC Park clinic patient

"Excellent service and patient care - would highly recommend to others." -RIDC Park clinic patient

"Don't change a thing." -O'Hara Center clinic patient

"Can't say enough about the people & experience at FCPT. Results were exceptions & I made some friends along the way." -RIDC Park clinic patient