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Fox Chapel Physical Therapy treats patients in all stages of life, and our patients report an overall satisfaction rating of more than 98 percent. In our practice, you're not patient number 471 – you're an important individual with unique needs, abilities, and goals for well-being.

Here’s what some of our patients have to say about our practice:

"I came to Fox Chapel Physical Therapy when my urologist referred me to Chris Woods for treatment of overactive bladder, and I’ve experienced a dramatic improvement in my symptoms. During my treatment, Chris also helped me address the low back and hip pain I’ve been living with for years, and now, I feel like I’m able to move and use my body differently, in a way I wouldn’t have known how to before. My life is better now, thanks to Fox Chapel Physical Therapy. I'd recommend them to everyone."
-Amy, age 33

"The best PT I’ve ever had – definitely got to the root of the problem immediately."
-Joyce, age 48

"I achieved even better results than I thought were possible."
-Jim, age 61

"I'd never had physical therapy before I came to Fox Chapel PT for treatment following wrist surgery, and I was so pleased with my experience. My therapist was Heather Zinger, and she was so kind and personable - she really took the time to explain my treatment, and make sure I was comfortable with everything. The office is convenient to my home, I was always able to get the appointment times I needed, and I don't think I ever had to wait for more than a few minutes to begin treatment. That really helped, because I was juggling my own work schedule, as well as my two daughters' school schedules and activities at the time. Moms always appreciate quick, convenient solutions - and Fox Chapel PT provided me with that."
-Patti, age 55